Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's Day Pet Names

Here are some love inspired names for Valentine's Day! My favorites are Aiko, Aspen, Conor, and Romeo.

Aiko - Japanese name that means 'little loved one'
Aspen - Tree that has heart shaped leaves
Byron - English romantic poet
Cara - Italian name that means 'beloved'
Carys - Welsh name that means 'love'
Casanova - 18th Century Italian known for his romantic exploits
Coco - Nickname that evokes the idea of chocolate
Corazon - Word for 'heart' in Spanish
Conor - Irish name that means 'dog lover'
Frida - Old Norse name that means 'beautiful, beloved'
Honey - Nickname for a sweetheart
Kanda - Thai name that means 'beloved'
Laska - Word for 'love' in Czech
Leeba - Yiddish name that means 'beloved'
Liebe - Word for 'love' in German
Paris - Paris is known as the City of Love
Priya - Name that means 'beloved' in Sanskrit
Romeo - Shakespeare's romantic hero
Rose - Flower commonly given on Valentine's day
Sappho - Ancient Greek poet who wrote about love
Scarlet - The color red is associated with the holiday
Valentine - Saint Valentine inspired the holiday
Venus - Roman goddess of love

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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Football Pet Names

I compiled this list from American Football terminology, for football fans. My favorites are Blitz, Mo, Rush, and Spike.

Blitz - a defensive maneuver
Bootleg - an offensive play
Cadence - the words or sounds a quarterback makes prior to receiving the ball from the center
Chip - from chip shot, a term for a very short field goal.
Flanker - a receiver who doesn't line up on the line of scrimmage
Flea Flicker - a trick play
Fumble - losing possession of a ball.
Gridiron - the field of play
Gunner - widest player on the line in a punting formation
Heisman - award given to the best college player in the country
Hike - Synonym of snap
Hitch - part of a pass route that causes a defender to stumble.
Huddle - grouping of players to call a play
Jack - Interior linebacker that plays the weak side of the formation, aka. Mo
Juke - evading a tackler by deceptive moves
Jumbo - an offensive package that has a full back and a half back
Kicker - player who specializes in place kicking
Lombardi - trophy given to the team that wins the Super Bowl
Mike - the middle linebacker in a 4-3 formation
Mo - Interior linebacker that plays the weak side of the formation, aka. Jack
Pigskin - slang for the ball
Pitch - underhand throw by the quarterback to the running back
Punt - a kick when the ball is dropped then kicked before it hits the ground
Pylon - orange marker that indicates the four corners of the end zone
Rover - a safety that is a defensive back and a linebacker.
Rush - a running play or tackling a player before they can throw a pass
Sam - The strong side outside linebacker
Slobber-knocker - a particularly gruesome tackle or hit
Snap - backward passing of the ball
Spike - when the quarterback throws the ball at the ground after the snap
Spot - location where the ball was downed or blown dead
Tackle - when a player causes the player with the ball to hit the ground
Touchdown - when a player has control of the football within the end zone
Tweener - a player that plays 2 or more positions
Wishbone - a formation in the shape of a wishbone

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Friday, February 3, 2017

Black History Month

In honor of Black History Month, here are a collection of Black heroes for your naming inspiration! My favorites are Booker, Crispus, and Solomon.

Althea - Althea Gibson, American Tennis player
Arthur - Arthur Mitchell, U.S. Congressman
Baldwin - James Baldwin, writer
Bayard - Bayard Rustin, American civil rights activist
Bessie - Bessie Coleman, American Pilot
Booker - Booker T. Washington, American Author, poltician
Brooke - Edward Brooke III, U.S. Senator
Buck - Buck Leonard, American Baseball player
Carney - William H Carney, Civil War hero.
Crispus - Crispus Attucks, Participant in the Boston Massacre
Desmond - Desmond Tutu, South African activist and Bishop
Duke - Duke Ellington, American musician, composer
Eldridge - Eldridge Cleaver, American Civil Rights Activist
Ella - Ella Fitzgerald, American Jazz singer
Eubie - Eubie Blake, American Composer
Frederick - Frederick Douglass, American Author, Abolitionist
Garvey - Marcus Garvey, Jamaican political leader
George - George Washington Carver, American botanist and inventor
Goose - Goose Tatum, American Basketball player
Haile - Haile Selassie, Emperor of Ethiopia
Hank - Hank Aaron, American Baseball player
Harper - Frances Harper, American Poet, abolitionist
Harriet - Harriet Tubman, American Author, Abolitionist
Jarena - Jarena Lee, American author
Josephine - Josephine Baker, French singer, entertainer
Kofi - Kofi Annan, Ghanaian diplomat and Secretary General of the United Nations
Kwame - Kwame Nkrumak, Independence leader from Ghana
Langston - Langston Hughes, American Poet
Malcolm - Malcolm X, American Civil Rights Leader
Marcus - Marcus Garvey, Jamaican political leader
Nelson - Nelson Mandela, South African activist
Marley - Bob Marley, Jamaican reggae musician
Maya - Maya Angelou, American Poet
Medgar - Medgar Evers, Civil Rights activist
Musa - Musa Keita I, King of Mali
Nat - Nat Turner, American Abolitionist
Nina - Nina Simone, American singer
Norbert - Norbert Rilleaux, American inventor
Nzinga - Queen Ana Nzinga, regent of Mbundu people in Modern day Angola
Olaudah - Olaudah Equiano, British abolitionist
Oscar - Oscar Charleston, American Baseball player
Pele - Pele, Brazilian soccer player
Percy - Percy Julian, American chemist
Reeves - Bass Reeves, U.S. Deputy Marshal
Rosa - Rosa Parks, American civil rights activist
Ruggles - David Ruggles, American abolitionist
Sally - Sally Hemings, Slave of Thomas Jefferson, and mother to his children
Satchel - Satchel Paige, American Baseball player
Satchmo - nickname of Louis Armstrong, Jazz trumpeter
Shaka - Shaka Zulu, King of the Zulu Kingdom
Shirley - Shirley Chisholm, American Congressman, author
Solomon - Solomon Northup, American abolitionist
Sojourner - Sojourner Truth, American Abolitionist
Thurgood - Thurgood Marshall, U.S. Supreme Court Justice
Wangari - Wangari Maathai, Kenyan environmental activist and Nobel laureate

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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Moon Names

There are 182 moons in the solar system, so I've limited this list to the most usable names.

Amalthea - Jupiter
Ananke - Jupiter
Ariel - Uranus
Atlas - Saturn
Belinda - Uranus
Bianca - Uranus
Callisto - Jupiter
Calypso - Saturn
Charon - Pluto
Cordelia - Uranus
Cressida - Uranus
Deimos - Mars
Desdemona - Uranus
Dione - Saturn
Elara - Jupiter
Europa - Jupiter
Ferdinand - Uranus
Galatea - Neptune
Ganymede - Jupiter
Helene - Saturn
Hyperion - Saturn
Io - Jupiter
Janus - Saturn
Juliet - Uranus
Kari - Saturn
Larissa - Neptune
Leda - Jupiter
Luna - Earth
Metis - Jupiter
Miranda - Uranus
Narvi - Saturn
Nix - Pluto
Oberon - Uranus
Ophelia - Uranus
Orthosie - Jupiter
Pan - Saturn
Pandora - Saturn
Perdita - Uranus
Phobos - Mars
Phoebe - Saturn
Portia - Uranus
Prospero - Uranus
Prometheus - Saturn
Puck - Uranus
Rhea - Saturn
Rosalind - Uranus
Sinpoe - Jupiter
Tethys - Saturn
Titan - Saturn
Titania - Uranus
Thalassa - Neptune
Thebe - Jupiter
Triton  - Neptune
Umbriel - Uranus

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Monday, January 23, 2017

Queens Who Ruled

This is a partial list of queens who ruled nations or tribes in their own right. My favorite is Boudica.

Amina - Zazzau (Nigeria)
Arwa - Yemen
Biru - Patani (Thailand/Malaysia)
Boudica - Iceni (England)
Cixi - China
Cleopatra - Ancient Egypt
Didda - Kashmir
Dido - Carthage
Elizabeth - England
Erato - Armenia
Etazeta - Bithynia (Turkey)
Gráinne - Umhaill (Ireland)
Hatshepsut - Ancient Egypt
Hijau - Patani (Thailand/Malaysia)
Himiko - Japan
Isabella - Spain
Jadwiga - Poland
Khadijah - Maldives
Liliʻuokalani - Hawaii
Majaji - South Africa
Matilda - England
Mavia - Tanukhids (Syria)
Melisende - Jerusalem
Musa - Parthia (Iran/Iraq)
Mussasa - Jaga (Angola)
Olga - Kiev
Pokou - Baoule (Ivory Coast)
Rangita - Madagascar
Salome - Judea (Israel)
Samsi - Qedar (Middle East)
Sati - Mongol
Sibylla - Jerusalem
Sirikit - Thailand
Suhita - Java
Suiko - Japan
Tamar - Georgia
Tarabai - India
Theodora - Byzantine
Ulrika - Sweden
Unen - Maya
Ungu - Patani (Thailand/Malaysia)
Victoria - England
Yatie - Qedar (Middle East)
Zabibe - Qedar (Middle East)
Zetian - China
Zewditu - Ethiopia
Zoe - Byzantine

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