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Harry Potter Magical Creatures Pet Names

These are given names given to various magical creatures in the Harry Potter franchise. My favorite is Dobby, but I also like Fawkes, Winky, Hedwig, and Norbert. Click here for a list of character names from the franchise.






Mr. Paws 
Mrs. Norris 
Mr. Tibbles 





















Pygmy Puff:












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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Once Upon a Time Pet Names

Fairy tale names and their real world counterparts from the television show Once Upon a Time and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. My favorites are Killian and Nimue.

Abigail - Daughter of King Midas, and fiancé of Prince James, who was really his twin brother, David.
Abraham - One of the Giants that lived at the top of the beanstalk. His brothers were Arlo, Andre, Argyle and Anton.
Adalyn - A member of Anita's wolf pack.
Albert - Albert Spencer was the Storybrooke name of King George.
Alice - Girl who followed the White Rabbit to Wonderland. She returned as an adult to find proof of Wonderland's existence.
Alexandra - Daughter of Ashley and Sean, aka, Cinderella and Prince Thomas.
Amara -  Mother of Taj, Cyrus and Rafi.
Anastasia - The Red Queen of Wonderland, she was in love with Will Scarlett. She eventually redeemed herself and became the White Queen
Anita - Werewolf and mother of Red Riding Hood.
Anna - Princess of Arendelle, sister of Queen Elsa, and wife of Kristoff.
Anton - One of the Giants that live at the top of the beanstalk. His brothers were Abraham, Andre, Argyle and Arlo.
Archie - The Storybrooke alias of Jiminy Cricket. He was a psychiatrist, and Pongo was his dog.
Argyle - One of the Giants that live at the top of the beanstalk. His brothers were Abraham, Andre, Argyle and Anton.
Ariel - Mermaid from the Enchanted Forest who was in love with Prince Eric.
Arlo - One of the Giants that live at the top of the beanstalk. His brothers were Abraham, Andre, Argyle and Anton.
Arthur - King of Camelot and husband of Guinevere.
Ashley - The Storybrooke alias of Cinderella.
Astrid - The Storybrooke alias of the fairy Nova.
August - August Booth was the real world alias of Pinocchio.
Aurora - Aurora was the daughter of King Stefan and Briar Rose. Wife of Prince Phillip and mother of his son, also called Phillip.
Ava - Storybrook alias of Gretel from Hansel and Gretel.
Baelfire - Son of Rumplestiltskin and Milah, and father of Henry Mills. His real world name was Neal Cassidy.
Bashful - One of the seven dwarfs.
Belle - Daughter of Colette and Maurice, and wife of Rumpelstiltskin.
Billy - Billy was the Storybrooke counterpart of Gus, a mouse from Cinderella
Blue - The Blue Fairy who turned Pinocchio into a real boy, and
Bo Peep - Bo Peep controlled people in the Enchanted Forest with a magical shepherd's crook.
Brennan - Brennan Jones was the father of Liam Jones and Killian Jones, aka Captain Hook.
Briar Rose - Wife of King Stefan and mother of Aurora.
Cassidy - Surname of Neal Cassidy, aka Baelfire, son of Rumpelstiltskin.
Cerberus - Three headed dog that killed Hercules and Megara. They eventually defeated him in the Underworld with the help of Snow White.
Chernabog - Chernabog was a demon who guarded a curse within a crystal ball. He was later trapped in the Sorcerer's hat, and escaped into Storybrooke.
Cinderella - In this version, her fairy godmother was killed by Rumpelstiltskin, and Cinderella signed a contract with him instead.
Cleo - Cleo Fox was a bounty hunter who tracked down young Emma Swan. She was a big influence in her life.
Colette - Wife of Maurice, and mother of Belle.
Cora - Daughter of a Miller, she was Rumplestiltskin's student. She used magic to wed Prince Henry, and she was the mother of Regina and Zelena. After Regina sent her through a portal to Wonderland, she became known as the Queen of Hearts.
Cricket - Jiminy Cricket make a deal with Rumpelstiltskin that accidentally turned Geppetto's parents into wooden puppets. To make up for this he requested that the Blue Fairy make him a cricket so that he could be Geppetto's mentor.
Cruella - Cruella De Vil was the daughter of Madeline, she killed her step-fathers, and seduced Isaac, the author into giving her the power to control animals, which she used to kill her mother.
Cyrus - A Genie and the son of Amara. He granted Alice three wishes.
Daniel - Stable boy that Regina fell in love with as a young woman. He was killed by her mother, Cora.
David - Born a peasant to Ruth, he was adopted by King George after his twin brother died. He was the husband of Snow White and father of Emma and Neal.
Devin - On of Peter Pan's Lost Boys.
Doc - One of the seven dwarfs that helped Snow White.
Donna - Geppetto's mother, she was turned into a wooden puppet.
Dopey - One of the seven dwarfs that helped Snow White.
Dorothy - Dorothy Gale, girl who was transported from the real world to OZ, and was adversary of Zelena.
Dreamy - Grumpy was originally named Dreamy until he was jilted by the fairy Nova.
Edwin - Alice's father. He did not believe Alice when she told him about Wonderland.
Elinor - Wife of King Fergus and mother of Princess Merida.
Elsa - Queen of Arendelle, sister of Anna. She has magical ability to control snow and ice.
Emma - Daughter of Snow White and David.
Eric - Prince that Ariel was in love with.
Eva - Queen Eva was the wife of King Leopold and the mother of Snow White.
Faustina - A fortune teller in New York that Ingrid visited when she first came to the real world.
Felix - One of Peter Pan's Lost Boys
Fendrake - A healer that Rumpelstiltskin and Milah hoped would help Baelfire when he was bit by a venomous snake. Rumpelstiltskin signed a contract with him promising him his second born child in return for the cure.
Fergus - King of DunBroch, husband of Elinor and father of Merida.
Frederick - The true love of Abigail, he was turned to gold by King Midas, until freed by Prince Charming.
Gaston - Son of Lord LeGume, and suitor to Belle.
George - King George adopted James, then later his twin David. His name is Storybrooke was Albert Spencer.
Geppetto - Father of Pinocchio. He went by Marco in Storybrooke.
Gerda - Mother of Anna and Elsa of Arendelle, sister of Helga and Ingrid. Her name was different in Frozen.
Gerhardt - Brother of Victor Frankenstein
Gold - Mr. Gold was the Storybrooke alias of Rumplestiltskin
Grace - daughter of Jefferson, the Mad Hatter, and Priscilla. She went by Paige in Storybrooke.
Graham - Storybrook name of the Huntsman. He was the Sheriff before Emma Swan came to town.
Grendel - A handsome man that stole from the Red Queen. As punishment, she disfigured him.
Gretel - Sister of Hansel.
Grif - King Arthur's squire.
Grumpy - Dwarf formerly known as Dreamy.
Guinevere - Wife of Queen Arthur.
Hades - God of the Underworld, he was in love with Zelena.
Hans - Prince from the Southern Isles, former fiance of Princess Anna
Hansel - Brother of Gretel
Happy - One of the seven dwarfs
Helga - Princess of Arendelle, aunt of Elsa and Anna
Henry - Prince Henry was the father of Regina. She named her adopted son in Storybrook Henry after her father. Henry Mills was the son of Emma Swan and Neal Cassidy, and was the Author.
Hercules - Son of Zeus, he died fighting Cerberus.
Hook - Nickname of Captain Killian Jones
Hopper - Last name of Jiminy Cricket, aka, Archie.
Hyde - Alter Ego of Dr. Jekyll.
Ingrid - The Snow Queen, and aunt of Elsa and Anna of Arendelle.
Isaac - Isaac Heller was the Author who went rogue, and began using his powers to change stories, instead of simply recording them.
Jack - Nickname of Jacqueline, she helped Prince James defeat the Giants, before he betrayed her.
Jafar - Illegitimate son of the Sultan, he became a sorcerer.
James - Son of Ruth and brother of David, he was adopted by King George at birth.
Jefferson - Real name of the Mad Hatter. He was the husband of Priscilla and father of Grace.
Jekyll - Alter Ego of Mr. Hyde.
Jiminy - Mentor to Geppetto.
Johanna - Servant and close friend of Snow White
Jonathan - Father of Zelena. He pretended to be a prince to seduce Cora.
Kay - Sir Kay was turned to ash when he tried to pull Excalibur from the stone.
Keith - Name of the Sherrif of Nottingham in Storybrooke.
Killian - Real name of Captain Hook
Kristoff - Orphaned ice-cutter in Arendelle, he married Princess Anna.
Lancelot - Knight of the Round Table.
Leopold - King Leopold was the father of Snow White. After his wife, Queen Eva died, he married Regina.
Leroy - Storybrook name of Grumpy.
Liam - Captain Liam Jones was the older brother of Killian Jones, aka Captain Hook.
Lilith - Daughter of Maleficent. She went by Lily.
Lily - Daughter of Maleficent and friend of Emma Swan. Her full name was Lilith.
Lumiere - Zelena turned him into a candelabra.
Macintosh - Lord of Clan Macintosh
Madeline - Mother of Cruella De Vil.
Malcolm - Name of Rumplestinskin's father before he became Peter Pan
Maleficent - Evil Fairy and mother of Lilith "Lily" Page.
Marco - Geppetto's alias in Storybrooke.
Marian - Wife of Robin Hood and mother of Roland
Megara - Woman killed by Cerberus, she went to Olympus with Hercules.
Merida - Princess of DunBroch, daugher of King Fergus and Queen Elinor.
Merlin - Sorcerer for Arthur, lover of Nimue, the first Dark One.
Midas - King Midas was the father of Abigail
Milah - Wife of Rumpelstiltskin and mother of Baelfire. She ran away with Captain Hook, aka, Killian Jones.
Millie - Younger half-sister of Alice.
Mirza - Son of the Sultan of Agrabah.
Moe - Storybrooke name for Maurice, Belle's father.
Morgan - Knight of Camelot, and father of Violet.
Morraine - Childhood friend of Baelfire.
Mulan - Warrior who helped Prince Philip find Aurora. She was in love with Aurora, but later became romantically involved with Red Riding Hood.
Myrna - Mother of Jiminy Cricket.
Neal - Neal Cassidy was the name assumed by Baelfire when he came to our world. Snow White and David also named their second child Neal in his honor.
Nicodemus - Violet's horse.
Nimue - Love of Merlin, and the first Dark One.
Nolan - Nolan was the surname taken by Prince David, aka, Charming in Storybrooke.
Nova - Fairy that Dreamy loved. She is Astrid in Storybrooke
Nyx - The guardian of the Well of Wonders.
Orang - Jafar's Guard.
Paige - Storybrook alias of Grace, daughter of Jefferson, the Mad Hatter, and Priscilla.
Percival - Knight of Camelot.
Peter Pan - Father of Rumplestinskin, formerly called Malcolm.
Phillip - Prince Phillip was the husband of Aurora and their son was also called Phillip.
Pinocchio - Son of Geppetto, known as August Booth in the real world.
Pongo - Archie Hopper's dog in storybrooke.
Poseidon - Father of Ursula.
Priscilla - Wife of Jefferson, the Mad Hatter, and mother of Grace.
Quinn - Werewolf and member of Anita's pack.
Rafi - A Genie and son of Amara
Rapunzel - Princess who was trapped in a tower by a witch who was actually a manifestation of her own fear.
Red - Nickname of Red Riding Hood, who was a werewolf. She went by Ruby in Storybrooke. She was romantically involved with Mulan
Regina - Daughter of Cora and Prince Henry, she married King Leopold and was step-mother to Snow White. After she had Leopold killed, she became known as the Evil Queen. She created the first curse, but eventually redeemed herself and found her true love, Robin Hood.
Robin - Robin Hood was the husband of Marian and father of Roland. He was father of Zelena's child also named Robin after she assumed Marian's identity.
Rocinante - Regina's horse in the Enchanted Forest. When she first tried to enact her dark curse, she used his heart, but it failed.
Roland - Son of Robin Hood and Maid Marian.
Ruby - Storybrooke alias of Red Riding Hood.
Rumplestiltskin - A,K.A. Mr. Gold, and The Dark One. Son of Malcolm, Father of Baelfire. Husband of Milah and Belle.
Ruth - Mother of James and David, twin sons adopted by King George.
Sarah - Alice's stepmother, and mother of her half-sister Millie
Scarlet - Surname of Will Scarlet, friend of Robin Hood and love of Anastasia
Sean - Storybrooke counterpart of Prince Thomas, Cinderella's husband.
Sidney - Storybrooke's journalist, in the Enchanted Forest, he was a genie who became the Magic Mirror
Silvermist - A water fairy who was romantically involved with the Knave of Hearts
Sleepy - One of the seven dwarfs
Smee - First mate to Captain Hook
Snow - Snow White was the daughter of King Leopold and Queen Eva. She was the wife of David, and mother of Emma Swan and Neal.
Sneezy - One of the seven dwarfs.
Spencer - Albert Spencer was the Storybrook name of King George.
Stealthy - One of the dwarfs. He was killed freeing Grumpy and Snow White from King George's dungeon.
Stefan - King Stefan was the husband of Briar Rose and father of Aurora.
Sven - Kristoff's reindeer.
Swan - Surname of Emma Swan, daughter of Snow White and David.
Taj - A genie and son of Amara.
Tamara - Fiance of Neal Cassidy. She was partner with Greg who were unknowingly being used by Peter Pan.
Thomas - Prince Thomas was Cinderella's husband.
Tinker Bell - A fairy once known as Green, she showed Regina that Robin Hood was her true love.
Tuck - Friar Tuck was one of Robin Hood's Merry Men.
Ursula - Daughter of Poseidon and a sea witch.
Victor - Victor Frankenstein was Dr. Wale in Storybrooke
Violet - Girl from Camelot that Henry Mills dates. Her father was Sir Morgan
Vortigan - The man who destroyed Nimue's village.
Walsh - One of Zelena's monkeys, he courted Emma Swan.
Wendy - Wendy once took in Baelfire. She later became Peter Pan's prisoner.
Xavier - Father of Prince Henry, he imprisoned Cora until she proved she could turn straw into gold as she claimed.
Zelena - Zelena was the daughter of Cora and a man named Jonathan. Cora sent her throught a portal to OZ, where she became a wicked witch.
Zeus -  God of Olympus, father of Hercules, brother of Hades.
Zoso - He was the Dark One that preceded Rumpelstiltskin.

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